Fossil Creek Creamery

“The best fudge and cheese comes from goat’s milk! No Kidding!”

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Fossil Creek Creamery Store

You’re invited to visit our beautiful, certified creamery, where pampered goats yield delicious milk for tasty artisan cheeses and creamy fudges. Certified by the State of Arizona in 2007, we are a farmstead operation and hand raise our goats using safe, natural practices.


Products from Fossil Creek Creamery may be bought at the Ranch, or at several retail locations throughout Arizona. We also welcome telephone and email orders for holiday, corporate, or just special occasions. (Of course, when you first taste our delicious products, you’ll call that very day, a “special occasion!)

Fossil Creek Creamery Class Demonstration

Petting goats… $__ (no carload price).
Guided Tours of the Farm $__ (requires reservation).
Check with us about availability and reservations.
Group Tours (requires reservation).

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